The recent discussions I have stimulated around attempting to define this space, if it is indeed a single space have lead to many conversations both electronic and real world.  

Chris Brannigan, CEO of Caspian Learning, outlined a model of the space at yesterday’s ETSA conference on Serious Games and Simulations – – which built upon a concise model that Clive Shepherd has on his blog at this URL.

Patrick Dunn, another very well respected UK Instructional Designer shared with us a blog piece on what he sees as the factionalism taking place in the serious games space and likens it to a famous Monty Python sketch in the film The Life of Brian. Read it here.

Finally, Eliane Alhadeff – who writes at: 

…sent me a very eloquent email in which she drew upon chaos theory to describe the bonds and divisionary forces that are apparent in the serious game space. Read it here.