I was privileged to be invited by the annoyingly intelligent but equally evil Mark Oehlert to partake in the ‘Great ILS…that spells Serious Games challenge’ at the E-Learning Guild Annual Gathering in Orlando last week.

The session took the format of providing us (I and two other presenters) with a fictional learning scenario for which we had to conceive of a suitably clever and (hopefully) amusing Immersive Learning Simulation/game design. The underlying objective was to illustrate to the audience how one would approach the business and learning problem with a view to designing an appropriate and effective game/sim solution.

The challenge was thus…..

A large, North American corporation that you are either already employed by or hired by, wants you to develop something (we know it will be an ILS) to help them integrate two recent acquisitions, one a company in Africa and the other a company located in Korea. These two new divisions directly impact your production capability and so alignment and a shared culture between all three entities is critical. Design an ILS that will foster this shared culture and common understanding. Challenges include a mix of languages, religious backgrounds, socio-economic differences, and educational levels not to mention time zones. Oh, and the big shareholder meeting is coming up too. Go.

The solution???

Download the PowerPoint here (3.6 Mb)

The result?? A lot of fun to create and it seemed to go down well with the hundred or so conference delegates.