One of the biggest barriers to the further adoption of serious games and immersive learning simulations is the lack of examples for clients to try out.

There are plenty of games for social good, academia-driven ‘proof of cocnepts’ and research projects, military training games, cartoony edutainment games and dull spreadsheet-based ‘business simulations’ out there but at a guess, 90% of the projects undertaken for large corporate entities (mainly L&D) are locked behind corporate firewalls and subject to torturous NDAs.

PIXELearning recently completed two immersive sims for HP’s Micro-Enterprise Accelerator Institute (HP MEA-I). The games seek to help small firms across EMEA to get to grips with IT Security and are set in the context of two days in the life of an SME. The games are basically the same with the distinction of being formulated for two different audiences <25 year old budding entrepreneurs and >25 year old experienced business people who probably less tech/game savvy.

You can read some of the PR here (HP web site)

You can watch the short ‘about the game’ video here

You can play one of the games by visiting click on on ‘Enter’ and then clicking on the ‘Hall of Games’ (BTW, we didn’t create the cartoon style portal pages!).

Please drop me an email with any feedback. We think we did a good job but we’re always keen to do better on the next project!