I’ve been participating this week in the Serious Games Jam at www.seriousgamesjam.com – which has been, in the main, a worthwhile time investment with some interesting ideas and discussion points.

I find it frustrating, however, that once again the busiest topic is “Can we not define Serious Games better” – some people, it seems, cannot resist the opportunity to ‘go categorise’ and analy examine the meaning of ‘serious’, ‘games’ and excitedly put their energies into coming up with really quite ridiculous alternatives.

Sure there are times when one needs to avoid the word ‘game’ in a corporate setting but trust me, most clients couldn’t give a stuff what we call that what we do….all that they want is a problem solved, a cost reduced or productivity improvement. Surely our collective time would be better spent improving the design, developemnt and delivery of what we do rather than sitting on discussion groups with a thesaurus in hand???

Check out this discussion thread (if you must) at http://seriousgamesjam.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=33&func=view&catid=31&id=72