Graham Brown-Martin from Learning Without Frontiers has asked me to help circulate the following message:

“Hello All,

It appears that there is some confusion amongst the developer community about our delegate pricing structure.
As a consequence of our first advisory group meeting it was suggested that we offer a special pass for developers who didn’t want the hassle (or cost) of manning an exhibition stand but wanted to benefit from the networking opportunities of the conference by having access to a “developers lounge” where, with sufficient power / Wi-Fi facilities, they could take delegates for meetings and demonstrations, have access to all day refreshments and also have a 12 month listing on the GBL 10 proceedings website. They would also receive colour coded badging (or wrist banding) that would identify their developer status.

This was supposed to be a “good thing”. The idea is to foster business between the development community and the many delegates who are seeking talent.

To cater for the extra benefits of providing this pass we set pricing at £695 rather than the standard business delegate rate of £495.
However, this morning I have taken an irate email from a developer who thought they were being unfairly penalised by this “developer rate” believing that as they were a developer they could not simply register using the current £345 early bird (ending Jan 31st) or if they miss the deadline the standard business rate and attend as a regular delegate.
This, of course, is not the case but it did make me wonder if my organisation had been clear in it’s communications. So, to be extra clear, anybody can register for an early bird pass at £345 (and receive all the goodies!) up to Jan 31st. Then education delegates can register at £445 and business at £495 until March 19th. After this date it’s £595 for everybody. IF you’re a developer AND would like access to the developer lounge services and benefits then its £695.

Many thanks
Graham Brown-Martin”

Just to remind people that you can read about the event and the registration/pricing info by clicking here.