My company, PIXELearning, is involved in a partnership with Milamber Digital ( that is really quite exciting.

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Milamber Digital

Milamber is building a global repository of engaging education-based content, housing it in a digital library, adapting it to multi-platform products as ‘Nuggets’ for multi-channel distribution, so that it

  • scales to mass and niche audiences
  • is monetizable through old and new marketing, and/or media business models

I have been involved in the eLearning space since the mid-90’s and it has always amazed me how much content exists that is hidden away and never shared. It seems to be a quite phenomenal waste of human effort (and hard cash) that so much content is duplicated over and over again or, even worse, never made available to mass audiences to consume and/or to ‘mash up’ to use in different and innovative ways.

Ten years ago I wrote a future-looking white paper that predicted how learning content, in a multitude of formats, could be identified, searched, assembled and sold in ways that suited the end consumer (e.g. even to individuals not just organisations). A number of eLearning portals came and went in that period. Learning content aggregators never really…erm…aggregated. Learning interoperability standards only seemed to yield ways to control access to content, not to allow it to be used in a granular fashion where learning designers/training professionals could delve into great repositories and find pieces they could reuse and re-purpose.

Milamber – and their partners Pearson, Redtray, Ashridge, Wharton and 2SMS are out to change that with a bold plans that could have a big impact in the global learning business.

According to Milamber the key drivers are:

  • Modern learners want the ability to grab relevant content quickly, and in an easily digestible formats. Milamber have devised the concept of a ‘Nugget’ as a small but very valuable piece of learning information.
  • Modern learners want content to be engaging. Nuggets can be made up of multimedia elements and entwined within a story for easy and enjoyable digestion. The system is also enabled for Nuggets to be supplemented with new learning techniques such as simulations.
  • Content owners want the ability to target larger audiences with their existing content. Nuggets bring the price point for a learning object down significantly, so that it can target a broader audience or niche audiences more cost effectively. For the first time Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can be targeted with nuggets at a price that makes purchase easy to justify.
  • Content owners want the ability to stop the use of their material without payment. The lower price and availability of nuggets makes “ripping it off” less worthwhile, whilst Milamber will also use the most effective mobile security functionality available, to protect against piracy.

If this resonates with you or, if you think you know someone who may find this of interest, Milamber is seeking 500 ‘Founder Members’ who, by virtue of making an early-stage contribution to the project, will share in the success and benefits it brings.

From Milamber: 500 individuals are being exclusively invited to become Founder Members of our next generation Milamber Digital project. The Founder Members are being specially selected to create a community of people that has a diverse range of skills and backgrounds but who all have one thing in common – they are passionate about improving education in today’s networked, digital world. “

You can find out more at and on the Milamber blog at