Just a quick update for friends, colleagues & general contacts….

As of 1st April I have joined the social gaming arena by co-founding Soshi Games – www.soshigames.com – a game developer that creates social games with a social purpose. The approach we are taking is significantly different to the ‘serious games’ sector – we’re 95% fun and only 5% ‘serious with no learning content, assessment or curricula etc featuring.

Soshi Games will create games in Facebook (and eventually on other social networks) that have a social issue or cause as their theme. Our goals are simply to:

[1] raise awareness of said issue for the charities/NGOs, private companies and social enterprises that partner with us
[2] promote a call to action e.g. to help spread a message, to volunteer or to become a member/supporter
[3] to bring about a new source of unrestricted funding income for the partners involved through a simple revenue share mechanic.

We’re looking out for people and organisatiosn that can work with us for mutual benefit so if that is you then please visit our web site and drop us a line to say hi.

Be Soshible!