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Zynga’s FarmVille to CityVille conversion rate stacks up favorably against that of many core franchises. But it’s not just FarmVille players that are loyal; for almost any given Zynga title, between 80% and 95% of players also play another Zynga game. And they play often, like eight sessions a day on average for Ville series gamers – compared to roughly two play sessions a day for Call of Duty and Warcraft series fans. But they don’t play for all that long: 41 minutes per day for Ville gamers compared to 177 and 252 for CoD and Warcraft respectively.Yet, a few die-hard Zynga gamers – we call ‘em Zynga’s “Two-Percenters” – do average upwards of 120 minutes of gameplay per day. You may know a few: They’re the ones constantly Facebook guilt-tripping you to send them more energy in Empires & Allies or help upgrade their CityVille bakery. And they’re probably laying out some cash, too – to the tune of $500-800 million in 2010. And while Zynga led the way in creating a new kind of game and a new kind of gamer, hardcore and social gamers are approaching their own version of a singularity. In 2010, only 20% of Xbox 360 players also played a Zynga game. So far in 2011, that number is already at 30%.
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