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I’m doing a 1 hour session at SIEGE in Atlanta in 2 weeks time.

S4D – Serious game development in adult learning & development – going from potentially big to really big
Description:  The use of entertainment games techniques and/or technologies for training has gained a lot of media coverage and has been gradually gaining ground over the last decade or so but is still far from being ‘mainstream’. When the global market for learning is worth over $2 trillion, it is doubtful of the ‘serious games’ market yet exceeds $250m. Despite the massive obvious potential to deliver very strong organizational benefits many factors still contribute to thwart rapid growth.

In this session, Kevin Corti will give the audience a broad view onto the use of games in corporate L&D in 2009; who are developing them, who are buying them, typical applications, technology approaches, business models etc). He will illustrate a broad range of business applications using real world projects in the US, UK and EU.  ‘Practicality’ is the core theme of Kevin’s presentations and he will tackle thorny issues such as pricing models, technology selection, handling unrealistic client (and developer) expectations and effective business strategies.

Kevin will use a myriad of real world project and product examples to illustrate his points.


A very compelling video that reminds us that technology is only part of the equation when we attempt to solve the problem of effective education.

I came acorss this whilst taking part in an IBM Jam session….

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