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Serious eGames in Muscat

Phew! Having won a bundle of new projects in the last few weeks (all with end May/start June deadlines) my ‘blog time’ has been seriously limited thanks to 80+ hour weeks and an in-box that seems to be simply breeding email and mucho time in the air. If our growth is anything to go by then the Serious Games…er…Immersive Learning Simulation sector is really taking off.

I have just got back from a 3 day stint in Muscat (Oman) where I presented a session on Serious Games and Enterprise at the ‘Serious eGames’ conference at the Knowledge Oasis Muscat. If you ever get the chance to visit Oman I heavily recommend going – I was shamefully ignorant of this wonderful country’s geography, history and culture and very much hope to get a chance to return very soon. The event, although quite small, was attended by several senior figures of the Omani government and attracted a lot of press coverage.

Anyway….in the interest of reducing my stupidly long weeks we (PIXELearning) are on the look out for a Project Manager and a Technical Architect to join our team. More info is available on the seriousgames.ning portal at the following links:

Technical Architect (Serious Games) // Project Manager (Serious Games)

I’m delivering two sessions at the E-Learning Guild’s Annual Gathering in Orlando, FL (14th to 17th April) – one session is Mark Oehlerts’ “The Great ILS Challenge” where I shall be delivering a walk through of a design for a fictional corporate training session, followed by a joint session about out forthcoming sci-fi themed online simulation aimed at improving the delivery of diversity awareness and inclusion training (with Global Lead and Fifth Third Bank). I hope to see you in Orlando.


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