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I saw this and, as a T-shirt wearing Adobe technology fan, I thought it worth broadcasting…

According to an article on MacWorld – – “If you’re a Web developer and you’ve recently lost your job, Adobe is offering you a free copy of its Flex Builder software to learn while you’re unemployed.

Flex Builder is an IDE (integrated development environment) offering coding, interface design and debugging tools for Adobe’s Flex Web development language”.

Developers interested in taking advantage of this should contact Andrew Shorten, platform evangelist at Adobe via email at shorten [at], on Twitter or via his blog.


Adobe has teamed up with Brickfish to launch the “eLearning Challenge” campaign located at the following URL:

The campaign is looking for learning professionals, subject matter experts and designers that can or have created online learning content using Adobe tools products. 

Adobe will give away prizes for the best image, best video, best blog and most viral.  All winners will receive Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium and get free attendance to the Adobe Learning Summit.

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