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Well 2007 is now nearly over and having submitted, just yesterday, our final client proposal of the calendar year I have started reflecting back on the last twelve months or so. One point of note is the sheer range of reasons that clients and partners have approached PIXELearning with a view to getting an ILS or serious game project off the ground. I thought it might be interesting to compile and share a quick list of all of those that I can remember…..and here it is.

  • Audit intern induction training
  • Diversity awareness & inclusion
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Introduction to finance
  • Understanding complex sales processes
  • Using the CRM tool (what’s in it for me?)
  • Call centre (IT product awareness)
  • Promoting careers in the retail sector
  • Basic retail concepts (training aid)
  • General business awareness
  • Consultancy skills for public sector workers
  • Customer care (several industry sectors)
  • Front line sales skills
  • Awareness of financial products (for consumers)
  • IT skills
  • Personal finance skills
  • Company induction training
  • Project management (several industry sectors)
  • Business studies (education)
  • Health & safety in office environments
  • Operating a franchise
  • Sexual health (helping parents to help their kids)
  • Aircraft cabin crew training (dealing with passengers etc)
  • Basics of international trade
  • Promoting enterprise to young adults
  • Training holiday reps in everyday and emergency skills
  • Defensive driving for sales engineers
  • How to run a not-for-profit enterprise
  • Virtual bottling plant – product management
  • SAP implementation roll out (for a specific industry)
  • Leveraging research and IP for university tech transfer staff
  • Virtual work experience in six different industries
  • Lean management training
  • Six sigma concept training
  • Understanding how different business areas affect each other/interdependencies

Whilst not all of these projects went ahead – some were lost, some cancelled and others are still being worked on – this list illustrates, albeit in a not terrifically scientific way, that people/organisations are now seeking to apply game and simulation design techniques to help tackle many many different learning, communication, marketing and other problems. 

I look forward to compiling another list in 12 months time and I cannot wait to see what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. 

Have a great New Year.


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