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No, this isn’t a plug or review for David Kirkpatricks new book of the same name – although I am half-way through it and enjoying it very much.

Today I conducted a small social networking experiment. It involved a business requirement, (a business/professional network) and Facebook (a ‘flippant’ vault of friendspam as some people see it).

On both sites I posted the following: “We’re looking for (very) cheap music sequence for our first public social games project – email us at info AT soshigames DOT com if you have any ideas – thnx“.

Now, one would assume that Linkedin, that B2B network of business professionals – all eager to help their fellow professional – would yield a few responses, even if they were motivated by making a quick buck  for the responder.  I have  1,710 connections in Linkedin. Many are in the same or related industries as me. After 7 hours I have yet to receive a single reply.

On Facebook, where I have 224 friends, within minutes I had:

  1. Two web site suggestions from two different people
  2. A direct recommendation of someone who could help out.
  3. A FB message offering the services of another company (for FREE).

Net result (from Facebook)…..within 30 minutes I have a company commited to creating a piece of music for our new game which we can use in anyway we need to and at zero cost.

Now, tell me which network is the more valuable for doing business?

Linkedin Group - serious games people

Linkedin Group - serious games people

The great thing about Linkedin is the sheer number of people that it gives you access to….. 🙂

The bad thing about Linkedin is the sheer number of people that it gives you access to….. 😦

…I believe that is a dichotomy but fear not. I decided to create a Linkedin Group entitled ‘Serious Games People’ as a way to try and allow people I know (and people who know people I know…etc etc) to ‘self filter’ themselves as being in some way interested in Serious Games. Read more (and sign up) from:

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