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My company, PIXELearning, is running further half day hands-on workshops on experiential learning. Each one with a different focus, all are free to attend but with a small and limited capacity. It’s a chance to see how immersive learning can be effective as an alternative to classroom training whilst saving on training budgets.

“Chalk Talk 101” is aimed at anybody interested in learning more about Immersive Learning Simulations (ILS) aka “serious games”. What is, and how do I implement a successful game? October 23rd

“Chalking up your skills” covers personal skills development such as Leadership, and Diversity and Inclusion October 30th

“Calling a Serious Solution” will focus on the areas where role play works particularly well such as Customer Service, Call Centre and Sales Training. November 6th

Venue: The Serious Games Institute in the centre of Coventry, West Midlands.


I have uploaded the presentation that I delivered in EDT08 (European Training & Development Summit) in Prague last week to SlideShare – widget below. A few transistions and alpha transparencies have suffered in the conversion process, but the core of the slides are OK – email me if you want an original.

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