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evilkevMy name is Kevin Corti and I am CEO (‘Chief Evil Officer’) at EVIL27 Games Limited (@evil27games). I also undertake games/digital media consulting as SpiderShed Media. I was formerly Head of Studio at DNA Interactive Games, part of DNA Dynamics Inc and CEO and co-founder of Soshi Games (social music games). Previously to that I founded PIXELearning (one of the world’s very first ‘Serious Games’ developers) and NetUcate Online (one of the first bespoke eLearning development studios in the UK).

Why ‘Evil Number 27’?

‘evilnumber27’ has been my gamer tag and character/profile name on many a games and web service over the years. For 20 years or so I have noticed that the number 27 crops up far more often than probability would suggest it should. It is not my lucky number nor is it ‘bad’, it just is. Look out for it in re-runs of Friends. Listen to the news about accidents. Play roulette. It seems to me that if someone picks an arbitrary number to illustrate randomness over 10 and less than 100, more often than is natural they will use 27. This ‘fixation’ with the number 27 is half-serious/half for fun but I’m not the only one that shares an in terest in this ‘evil’ number….


More ’27 facts’ here….



Why ‘Bivouac’?

Many years ago when I was in the Scouts and on several occasions whilst on outward bound management training trips, we would occasionally leave the comfort of the home/office/hotel and construct an individual sleeping shelter out of natural materials under the stars (or more often rain clouds). Metaphorically therefore a bivouac is a place you go to very infrequently to get away from the normality of life’s comforts – at one with nature so to speak, or, in this case, to speak. Setting up a blog felt like that for me; getting away from the normal work environment to experience the raw nature of what I do for a living.

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