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I have uploaded the presentation that I delivered in EDT08 (European Training & Development Summit) in Prague last week to SlideShare – widget below. A few transistions and alpha transparencies have suffered in the conversion process, but the core of the slides are OK – email me if you want an original.


I am off to Prague tomorrow to deliver a keynote session at the European Training & Development Summit entitled “The Future of E-Learning & Technologies”.

I’m looking forward to this for two reasons; it is in Prague and I can tick off another foreign city on my Facebook ‘My Destinations’ map; and, because it is a refreshing change to talk about stuff that is ‘a bit out there’ namely web 2.0 tools for eLearning 2.0, virtual 3D worlds and Serious Games without having to go to much into the short term commercial, technical and political semantics.

Other presenters are from companies like ING, Unilever, BAE Systems, Logica, Coca Cola, DuPont and KLM so it will be interesting to see how these huge companies view the possibilities of applying new technologies (and games and simulations in particular).

My slides will be available on next week.

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