Some (slightly) random notes I took from attending Games Monetization Europe earlier this week. I’d recommend this event for it’s currency of content and the quality of people attending.

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Nick Parker

  • Games market – Asia 56% of revenue, EU17% US21%
  • Data at IHA Screen Digest
  • iOS delivers stronger revenues because of store fragmentation – 40 android app stores, many different handsets, piracy
  • Comparing publisher net revenues, 20% console, 49% online
  • 1.7bn connected TVs by 2016 in 570m homes
  • 2.4bn smartphones, 550m tablets by 2016 = 3bn devices

Peter Edward, SME Director, PShome

  • 150 devs providing content
  • F2P is viable on consoles
  • audiences are similar on console and other f2p platforms
  • can be for smaller devs/teams not just large teams
  • hungry community, like innovation, all like games, like personalisation and customisation, comfortable with micro transactions, infrastructure exists
  • Home and f2p – engine, tool sets and samples, infrastructure is free, trusted commerce system (PS Wallet), numerous opportunities to buy (places)
  • cheap entry to console Dev, predictable ROI
  • curated content…discovery ‘easy’

PANEL all you can eat or micro-transactions

  • 380m registered users – Gamesforge
  • 42m MAU CandyCrush Saga

Game design workshop

Game pyramid:

  1. Core loop (find the fun)
  2. Retention game (what keeps the player coming back to the core loop)
  3. Super Fan game (strong social levels that work for the super fan/spender)

King – Tommy Palm

  • Use to test game ideas first
  • Marketing & branding….
  • Cross marketing is very important – PR, word of mouth, Facebook traffic, getting featured, ads, cross-promotion
  • You need 150,000 downloads to get on top of iOS chart
  • Over 50% of users connected to FB
  • USE DEEP LINKING…notifications include link to App Store, can include parameters to enable game-specific functionality
  • Notification,s timeline, news feed and bookmarks + paid ads = drive new installs


  • Facebook users –  75% of MAU is (also) on mobile, 10% solely mobile
  • Mobile app install unit, deep link to app but seamless as can return straight back to FB as opposed to sponsored stories that take user off to any URL
  • 600×360 creative, <10% of screen space can be text
  • Highly targeted

Global monetization of games – Newzoo

  • $70bn overall games industry
  • Latin America and Asia main growth
  • Europe and us relatively flat
  • 1.23bn gamers this year
  • 18% of market is mobile inc tablet
  • Gaming growth:
    • 32 TV +4% growth YoY
    • 77 floating screen + 5% growth YoY
    • 39 computer screen + 5% growth YoY
    • 12 personal screen +22% growth YoY
  • 87% increase on tablet gamers in UK YoY, 
  • 20% play on all screen types
  • 40% of all smartphones players pay money (UK)
  • Russia spends more on iPad games thanGermany

WOOGA  – Al Sinoy, PM for Diamond Dash

  • Make first play super accessible 
  • avoid unclear controls, unnecessary UI, loading screens,
  • instant rewards, unlock new levels, unlock new elements, free stuff
  • breathing spaces…avoid burning through content very quickly…don’t let them get everything at once but show what can be won/played etc
  • provide milestones, e.g. reset high scores weekly
  • push notifications e.g. Energy recharged, stuff unlocked, high score reset
  • Community management and follow up feedback
  • Ensure cross-platform communication
  • Beware of aggressive monetization  – payers should get empowering value, but still need to satisfy non-payers
  • Reward non-paying/time-rich players as much as paying users

Kevin Corti, SpiderShed Media

[Mobile/social games design, project/product management & commercialisation]


Twitter: @spidershed