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I’m attending Inside Social Apps 2010 —

I’ll be in San Francisco from 18th to 22nd April and I am looking to hook up with people interested in social gaming with social themes and social outcomes.

Mail me at


Games-based Learning 2010 conference programme now available – (600kb PDF) #gbl10

Any business angels out there interested in an early-stage opportunity around social gaming, social themes/causes and a solid commercial proposition??

Contact me at kevincorti AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk for a chat/info.

Want to know your MAUs from your DAUs…your fans from users?

Neil Vidyarthi of Social Times ( provides a meaningful analysis of the most popular social games applications on Facebook.

via Fans Versus Active Users: An Analysis Of The Top Facebook Games.

A few weeks ago I tried to discect the explosive success of Farmville. Zynga’s Amitt Mahajan explains how they do it…

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